As people increasingly look to switch off from a cold, digital world, we come to enshrine simple moments that speak to our senses. Travel and getting away is the ultimate escape, it restores our souls and nourishes our bodies and minds. Gourmet food is an indulgently all- consuming experience, one that can be savoured by the senses, and the experience of it can linger on long after checkout.

Lardiere Fine Foods specialises in the supply of artisanal, handmade turndown treats for boutique hotels. Lardiere artisanal room treats are an expression of reconnecting with the senses. From the moment you notice our hand-crafted treat nestled on the pillow, you will be captivated by the visually stunning presentation of the product.

Bespoke treats in custom made packaging

Lardiere bespoke room treats are designed in custom made packaging that reflects your unique identity whilst promoting your eco-conscious nature. Our turndowns are freshly contained in an eco-friendly packaging that is biodegradable and compostable for the increasingly eco-aware international traveller that frequents your boutique establishment. Lardiere preservative-free turndown treats are kept fresh using a unique, oxygen removal process that keeps them fresh for six to eight weeks, and can be ordered more frequently in smaller quantities.

The Lardiere brand prides itself on responsible trade and since international travellers have also come to expect nutritional information on the products that they consume, their appetite will be well-satisfied by the nutritionals available on our room treats, now offered in five different languages.

Lardiere hand-made room treats come in a range of different options, from Almond and Cranberry Florentines to Vanilla Bean Marshmallows. Using only the finest quality ingredients, the Lardiere gourmet treats collection is designed to suit a range of tastes and a host of budgets.

Founded on the principles of artisanal, bespoke and responsible trade, Chef Junelle Germishuizen has developed the Lardiere Fine Foods brand to cater towards the discerning traveller who expects only the finest five-star experience and the kind of attention to detail that the Lardiere room treat range has come to symbolise.