Design and trade secrets are highly valued within the food and beverage industries. Think of recipes past down discreetly from generation to generation, or the hours and days spent developing and designing your delectable dishes and bites, that become synonymous with your kitchens’ sensory experience. This all forms part of what is known as your Food IP.

The intellectual property (IP) that shapes your kitchens’ reputation and guest experiences, is the result of chefs working tirelessly to refine and perfect the mix of ingredients, recipes, plating ideas, display and packaging. All of this is what gives your product and establishment the competitive advantage that it needs to succeed in the market. At Lardiere Fine Foods, our ongoing quest is to add value to your creative processes and guest experiences, using our own expertise and artisanal methods.

Our superior food services aim to support gourmet chefs to expand and create the Food IP that sets their establishments apart. Owner and Head Chef, Junelle Germishuizen, has carefully crafted a bespoke service tailored to chefs that will allow them to spend more time on creating unique and outstanding food.

Having worked in fine food kitchens, and creating Lardiere Fine Foods, Chef Junelle Germishuizen understands perfectly the need for chefs to source the highest quality ingredients and base products so that they can craft their signature sumptuous food. Chefs can collaborate one-on-one with Chef Junelle to research and develop taste experiences for their guests at Lardiere Fine Food’s state-of-the-art Fine Food Studio in Pretoria.

Together with your chef, Chef Junelle will create the perfect product that will form part of your individual Food IP. Once your product is perfected and ready for to be produced, Lardiere Fine Foods will sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to protect your design, so that you can rest assured that your unique Food IP remains unrevealed.

Our ongoing pledge to only work with the highest quality ingredients, and to only use handmade processes, serves as the foundation to our creative partnership with you. At Lardiere Fine Foods, we produce your uniquely designed products to the highest quality so that you can focus on new and innovative offerings.

Lardiere Fine Foods has been supplying artisanal, handmade turndown treats to 5-star hotels and boutique establishments and has confidently stepped into bespoke food production services. Chef Junelle has already been collaborating and supplying commercial businesses and 5-star game lodges with exquisitely bespoke offerings.

Working with Chef Junelle and Lardiere Fine Foods will create new and exciting taste sensations that will complement the signature and style of your establishments’ overall experience perfectly. Chef Junelle understands that the guest experience should blend together all sensory components offered and that the experience of all your food, should leave a distinctive fingerprint on your guests’ palate and memory.