Lardiere Fine Foods has launched Food Service Solutions catering to the gourmet food industry. South African gourmet chefs have the option of either working with Lardiere Fine Foods to brainstorm new and enticing recipes for their guests and customers, or ordering from a range of artisanal and handmade luxury offerings.


Lardiere Fine Foods has launched their food services in response to a need in the industry that has been identified. Owner and Chef, Junelle Germishuizen, saw the need for chefs to fill a gap in their production line with bespoke, high-quality, factory-produced foods that strike a chord with their guest’s refined palate. Using her deep knowledge of the food industry and powered by her obsession with the finest quality ingredients and her drive to innovate the most mouth-watering tastes, Chef Junelle developed a service that is truly tailored to chefs working in the South African food industry.


Chefs are always looking for the perfect flavour and the perfect end product. Our Food Service Solutions assist chefs in the industry or establishments without a house chef to work from a quality base product and to give them consistency across their menu. I know from experience that running a kitchen is a very pressured job, so for me, it’s important to offer chefs that are already overworked quality options and delicious flavours. It’s about making life easier.


Chefs can collaborate one-on-one with Chef Junelle to research and develop taste experiences for their guests at Lardiere’s state-of-the-art Fine Food Studio in Pretoria. Alternatively, chefs can select from a range of sauces, soups and curds, jams and chutneys, sweet bakes, savoury bakes and spices, salts and dried ingredients.


The Roasted Banana Curd is undoubtedly one of the most unique and delicious offerings on the Food Solutions list. The functions of this ingredient stretch as far as the imagination. It can be served with breakfast next to the jams, added to a pastry as a tartlet, folded into a cream to make a pannacotta, added to milk to make an ice cream or folded into phyllo pastry to make a strudel – the options are endless.


All the products from the menu are produced in assistance to the food industry, are hand packed at Lardiere’s Fine Food Studio and are ready for use, making the chef’s gruelling job a little bit easier.