Lardiere Fine Foods was founded by pioneer chef Junelle Germishuizen. The business started as an online resource to help foodies procure the finest ingredients for their kitchens – the business was first of its kind in South Africa. In keeping with setting trends in the culinary world, Chef Junelle distilled the idea of hand-crafted fine foods to cater to the travel industry.

Chef Junelle has been inspired by the beauty, the simplicity and the sensory experience of food from a very young age. She remembers spending time in the kitchen with her mother who was an excellent cook, and her two grannies, who were both legendary in their own right. Chef Junelle still believes that great cooking is defined by its simplicity, and the skill of a great chef lies in turning high-quality ingredients into a feast in a few simple steps. To this day, she will not compromise on quality, no matter what the cost and she believes that this is what distinguishes her as a chef.

Amazing food with just a handful of ingredients

Chef Junelle studied at the Cordon Bleu School and one of her career highlights has been working with her culinary icon and mentor Ben Filmalter, founder of Mugg and Bean. During this time, Chef Junelle was lucky enough to be exposed to the awe-inspiring baking skills of Judy Filmalter. Chef Junelle considers starting her own business, Lardiere Fine Foods, as one of the most rewarding experiences of her career to date.

The term Lardiere stems from the old French word which means “a pantry where food is kept”. Taking a peek into her pantry, you will always find the best local olive oil, butter, sea salt, and fresh herbs. Chef Junelle believes that no recipe should have more than a handful of ingredients.

From these basics, we add the freshest of produce to create what we call amazing simple food.

She believes that you smell the goodness before you taste it and remembers growing up smelling the most amazing flavours.