Lardiere Fine Foods promotes responsible trade in all areas of business. The business promotes local trade, the upliftment of women and all products are offered in eco-friendly packaging.

Supporting small business resonates with the Lardiere Fine Foods ethos which is why Lardiere Fine Foods tries to source as many flavours locally as possible, especially internationally appealing flavours like the tonka bean and matcha powder.

Products are small batch produced by a group of highly-skilled women from all walks of life. Chef Junelle has worked with her Head Chef intermittently for the last 21 years. Women are chosen on their willingness to learn and grow as part of our amazing team. All Lardiere Fine Foods products are hand-crafted in our Fine Food Studio, which has an open door policy to all our clients who would like to come in for a walk-around or a flavour brainstorm.

In an effort to extend the Lardiere Fine Foods ethos of responsibility from our products, through our Fine Food Studio and out into the world, the company is proud to offer completely compostable packaging as part of its Room Treat range. The 100% biodegradable packaging is made from cornflour and can be composted with kitchen waste.