Responsible Business – Preservative Free

Reflecting our Responsible Trade ideology, Lardiere Fine Foods strives to lay the foundation for a new standard in boutique hotel services by constantly pushing the envelope in terms of food standards and business ethics and operations.

Locally sourced: Lardiere Fine Foods sources only the best produce from local vendors, and firmly supports local businesses as much as possible.

Free from: All our recipes are preservative-free. Our chefs are continuously developing new variations of our recipes in dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free and vegan-friendly varieties. Our production is currently 70% plant-based.

Accredited: We are proudly accredited by the South African National Halaal Authority and adhere to strict production guidelines as set out by the body.

Empowering women: With a staff contingent of 100% female, Lardiere Fine Foods actively supports the upliftment of women. Our new brand – Bosesi, meaning “sisters” in seTswana – has been created to give the women of Lardiere Fine Foods ownership in a business while taking local South African flavours to the world.