Lardiere Fine Foods now offer an a-la-carte food service solution that is designed to assist and inspire chefs to dream up and produce innovative food. Chef Junelle Germishuizen, founder and Head Chef at Lardiere Fine Foods, crafted this bespoke service because she understands all too well what chefs need and recognises that chefs should be spending most of their precious time inventing trend-setting dishes. Collaborating with Chef Junelle will not only tickle your taste buds but will enable you to dream up provocative flavour profiles.


Saving time

Chefs need to source, stock, make, mix, manage, blend, create, taste and present, so their time is valuable. This is something Chef Junelle understands perfectly. In response, Lardiere Fine Foods now gives chefs the opportunity to either choose between a range of high-quality pre-made base products or to work with Chef Junelle to develop modern, inventive ingredients that will be produced by Lardiere Fine Foods. Not having to prepare some of these trailblazing components will give chefs more time to spend on what they most enjoy – inventing and creating extraordinary food that reflects their establishments’ essential qualities.


Ensuring quality

Consistency is critical in the food and beverage industries. Sourcing your fine base products or bespoke ingredients from Lardiere Fine Foods, will ensure excellent and constant quality. Chef Junelle will personally oversee every batch and bake to ensure that all ingredients are only the finest and the freshest. Each recipe will be followed precisely to achieve only the highest standards. With 26 years’ experience, Chef Junelle has an exceptional eye for detail and a powerful passion for food. Lardiere Fine Foods does the quality assurance so that you can focus on other details like perfectly executing your food.


Ensuring availability

A lot of time should be spent on sourcing the perfect ingredients. This time can increase in the most unexpected moments if your supplier can’t deliver. Getting your luxury goods from Lardiere Fine Foods ensures that what you need to create your sumptuous showpieces, is always available. Chef Junelle uses ingredients freshly grown and locally sourced and uses only suppliers that have earned her trust over years of partnership. You can rest assured that whether it is a soup, sauce, spice, curd, jam or bake, it will be there when you need it.



Besides Lardiere Fine Foods’ range of high-quality pre-made products, chefs can also develop and design unique products in partnership with Chef Junelle. This allows for a cross-pollination of ideas and experience that yields excellent outcomes. Chef Junelle recognises that chefs know their guests’ palates and tastes the best and collaborating on producing unique products delivers the most exciting and enticing foods. Chefs can be fully immersed in the creative process, and once a 100% satisfied, they can confidently hand the production over into the safe hands of Chef Junelle and the Lardiere Fine Foods technicians, who will hand-make your products with care and precision. Our offering comes complete with customisable packaging which can list all the nutritional information that your guest has come to expect.


Modern Fine Food Studio

Lardiere Fine Foods operates from a newly built, modernistic factory aptly labelled the Fine Food Studio. Here, all ingredients and products are treated and used consciously and responsibly. Chef Junelle has an open-door policy and welcomes guests into her kitchen. Chefs have access to the Lardiere Fine Foods Studio where they can explore ingredients, equipment and processes. Lardiere Fine Foods work with state-of-the-art and innovative resources and provide extensive and rigorous training to employees to ensure that all foods produced are of the highest standard.

Lardiere Fine Foods aims to support chefs and create the means for more innovative and creative food design.