Here at Lardiere Fine Foods, we believe in doing everything with care and passion. This ethos is something that trickled down from the woman who started it all – Chef Junelle Germishuizen. Our bespoke food offerings are created based on personal connections with the chefs we work with, so we thought we would take some time to personally introduce Chef Junelle.


How did you fall in love with food?

My love for food started at a really young age. At 13 years old, I was already fascinated by what my mother was dreaming up, and I was helping to prepare dinners a few times a week. My mother is not only passionate about food, but she also presents food in a way that makes her guests feel like royalty. Inspired by her love in the kitchen and for entertaining, I was allowed to experiment and that really cemented my future in the kitchen.


What inspired you to start your own business?

I derived huge value from working in other chefs’ kitchens, but I always felt stifled as my visions reached beyond the norm. Taking the leap to start my own kitchen was an easy decision as I have always displayed an entrepreneurial spirit. What makes me truly come alive is pushing the limits daily, and creativity is key in my kitchens. Having my own kitchen also allows me to build lasting relationships, display full transparency and strive for complete sustainability.


The food industry can be tough. What drives you to keep going?

My ability to see beyond challenges is what drives me. Consistently creating high-quality products and continuously developing innovative methods inspire me daily. And, of course, I am inspired by my team and the chefs I work with; I am constantly motivated by their drive and artistry.


Your company has a decidedly female focus. Why women?

Women are often left vulnerable in society and I believe that the strength and dexterity woman naturally possess is often underutilised. The ability to easily multi-task is a bonus in this industry, of course.
I believe by investing in women as pillars of our society today, the next generations will reap the rewards. Through future generations, the food and beverage industries can play a bigger part in creating a sustainable future.


What are your plans for Lardiere Fine Foods over the next year?

My vision for Lardiere Fine Foods is to rise head and shoulders above its competitors, which we hope to accomplish with our new food lab where food scientists will work tirelessly to create the finest quality products. My immediate plan is for Lardiere Fine Foods to continue to grow as a superior gourmet food destination for boutique hotels and connoisseur restaurants.

Whether you are a small or large kitchen chef, or small, medium-sized or global establishment, Chef Junelle would be delighted to answer any other questions and get to know you personally, over tea and cake, of course…